MC Series is the best expression of functionality and versatility. Thanks to many kits applied to the main structure of the machine, the MC series satisfies every need and every situation during demolition works.
They have the following characteristics:

• A structure entirely made in HARDOX and WELDOX;
• Innovative PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) system to protect the crusher from high pressure;
• Two powerful reversed cylinders to protect the rod from accidental hurts;
• Some models have a regenerative installation;
• Hydraulic rotation;
• An integrated hydraulic installation permits to the multi-system to make a 360° rotation in both directions to have a fast, accurate and efficient positioning of the jaws in any working condition. It is suitable for operators who are going to use excavators with very long booms;
• Innovative system of interchangeable teeth.

It is particularly indicated for secondary demolition: it separates rods from concrete.

It is ideal for mixed demolitions: concrete and metallic structures..

It has been designed for cutting iron: structural steel, pipelines, tanks, sheets and iron and steel cases.

It has been designed for primary demolition: demolition of concrete structures.

Designed for primary and secondary demolition, it permits the cut of the reinforced bar together with the concreteo.

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OSA MC 7 in action
OSA MC 7 in action
OSA - MC in Action
OSA - MC in Action
OSA - MC24 in action
OSA - MC24 in action
MC in action - OSA Demolition Equipment
MC in action - OSA Demolition Equipment