RS demolition crushers have been designed to satisfy primary demolition needs, with a particular care in the raw material choice. RS crushers demolish concrete, reducing noise and vibrations.
They have the following characteristics:

• Structure entirely made in HARDOX and WELDOX;
• Innovative PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) system to protect the crusher from high pressure;
• Two big reversed cylinders to protect the rod from accidental hurts;
• Some models have a speed valve;
• Hydraulic rotation;
• An integrated hydraulic installation permits to the crusher to make a constant 360° rotation in both directions to have a fast, accurate and efficient jaw positioning in any work condition. It is good for all the people who are going to use excavators with very long booms;
• Mechanical rotation: a clutch permits a 360° rotation in both directions. It is perfect for excavators without a rotation installation.
• Innovative system of interchangeable teeth.